IPIN 2017 : Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation Conference


Visa Application


Due to the official nature of visa documents issued by the organizer, prior registration including full payment is required to request a set of documents to support your application. Please kindly download visa questionnaire form and itinerary form. Complete the forms and submit it to JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc., an official travel agent for IPIN2017, well in advance. Please note that it will take about 2 to 3 week to process the visa and JTB does not issue the visa itself. (We recommend that you apply for visa supporting documents at least eight (8) weeks prior to your departure date.)

Once you receive the visa supporting documents from JTB, you must go down to your nearest Embassy of Japan/Consulate-General in YOUR HOME COUNTRY for visa application and collection.

Application for Visa Supporting Documents

Download the required forms:

*Your stay will be guaranteed only for the period of conference and not for extra days. If you have any other activities before or after the conference, please obtain another guarantee letter from the organizer of the other activities.

Please type with block letter and send the documents to us, VISA questionnaire with Excel format and VISA itinerary sheet with docx format.

Please complete the above application forms and send it to jtb-mice@hkd.jtb.jp with:

  1. A copy of your passport
  2. Your Registration Confirmation sheet
  3. (supplemental) Your Accommodation Confirmation*

* Visa applications need the hotel information. We possess accommodation information for people who researved hotels via our JTB system, however, for the people who made reservation by their own we require this supplemental information.

Important Dates

Application Starts: 1st May 2017, Monday
Deadline for application: 30th July 2017, Tuesday
3rd August 2017, Thursday
Visa supporting document shipping: Early August 2017

*Japanese visa is valid for a limited period of 3 months. JTB accepts applications from 1st May and will ship the visa supporting documents to delegates in early August.

Application Fee & Refund Policy

Application Fees

Hotel booked through JTB System JPY 12,960 per person
Hotel booked on your own JPY 16,200 per person

A fee of listed above (this includes preparation fee of visa documents and shipping cost) is required from each applicant. JTB will contact the applicant for payment once we receive VISA Questionnaire, VISA Itinerary Sheet, a Copy of Passport and Your Registration Confirmation Sheet.

The application may not be refunded under any circumstances, once the application fee is received.

For details, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html) or contact the Japanese Embassy in your country


JTB Hokkaido Corp.
Corporate Sales Division, Sapporo

Urban Net Sapporo BLDG, 8th floor
North 1, West 6, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0001
Email : jtb-mice@hkd.jtb.jp
TEL:+81-11-221-4800 FAX:+81-11-222-5102

Office hours: 9:30-17:00 (weekdays only)


A Japanese visa will be issued to an applicant when he/she meets all of the following requirements.

  1. The applicant possesses a valid passport and is entitled for re-entry to a country of his/her nationality or a country of his/her residence.
  2. All submitted documents must be authentic, completed and satisfactory.

Delegates from certain countries will need an Official Letter of Invitation and/or Confirmation of Conference Registration to be provided with their visa application. These letters can only be provided after clearance of registration fee payment.

The visa application process differs depending on your country of residence and the location of the nearest Embassy of Japan/Consulate-General. Please contact the nearest Embassy of Japan/Consulate-General in YOUR HOME COUNTRY to receive guidance on the application process and necessary documents.

We recommend that you apply at least six (6) weeks prior to your departure date.

To find a Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General nearest to your current place of residence:

For more information and FAQs, please click here:

Exemption of Visas

As of April 2017, Japan had taken measures concerning the waiver of visa requirements with 67 countries and regions.

Nationals of these countries and regions are not required to obtain a visa to enter Japan when the purpose of their visit is commerce, a conference, tourism, visit to relatives/acquaintances, etc.

For more information regarding Exemption of Visas, click here:

For Chinese Nationals

For visa application, please refer to the website of the Japanese Embassy/Consulates-General in China

For more information

For Philippine Nationals

*From July 30, 2007 the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines and the consular offices in both Cebu and Davao will no longer accept applications directly from applicants, but instead will accept applications through accredited travel agents.

For information and enquiries