Best Paper Awards IPIN2017

IPIN2017 Best Paper Awards go to the following papers. Congratulations!

Best Paper

53 Scalable and Precise Multi-UAV Indoor Navigation using TDOA-based UWB Localization
Janis Tiemann and Christian Wietfeld


49 Pedestrian Track Estimation with Handheld Monocular Camera and Inertial-Magnetic Sensor for Urban Augmented Reality
Nicolas Antigny, Myriam Servieres and Valerie Renaudin

Best Poster Awards

Best Poster

183 A step towards effortless Indoor Positioning System using RSSI based Path Loss Model Maps
Muhammad Usman Ali, Soojung Hur and Yongwan Park


23 Calibration of Smartphone Sensor Data Usable for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning
Thomas Moder, Clemens Reitbauer, Markus Dorn and Manfred Wieser

221 Fundamental Study on Inducing Human Behavior for Congestion Prevention in Large Commercial Facilities and Public Spaces
Nobuo Sato and Akinori Asahara

Competition Awards

Track 1


Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Based Indoor Navigation Using Smartphone
Soyoung Park, Hojin Ju, Jae Hong Lee, Chan Gook Park, Seoul National University, South Korea


Hee-dong Son, Muhammad Usman Ail, Mingyu Kang, Yeongrae Jo, Chanseok Lee, Seunggu Jeong, Yeungnam University, Korea

Track 2


A PDR System using IMU based Gait Tracking and Map Matching
Chuanhua Lu, Hideaki Uchiyama, Diego Thomas and Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Kyushu University, Japan


Pedestrian Dead Reckoning System using Quasi-static Magnetic Field Detection
Yu Liu, Liqiang Zhang, and Kai Guo, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Track 3


UMinho Team Short Description
Adriano Moreira, Antonio Costa, Filipe Meneses, Maria Joao Nicolau, Universidade do Minho & Centro de Computacao Grafica, Portugal


Joaquin Farina, Tomas Lungenstrass, Juan Pablo Morales, AraraDS, Chile

Track 4


Indoor Positioning Using Network Graph of Passageway and BLE Considering Obstacles
Yoshihiro Ito, Hisashi Hoshi, KDDI Research Inc., Japan


Trajectory Estimation Using PDR and Simulation of Human-Like Movement
Kotaro Hananouchi, Junto Nozaki, Kenta Urano, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Kei Hiroi, Nobuo Kawaguchi, Institutes of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University, Japan